A Traditional Game from India

Name: Kbadi Kbadi Kbadi
Who plays: Everyone in the village
When: In the summer
Where: On the grass
What you need: A big rectangle divided into two halves, 12 people and two teams.

How to Play:
1. One team (team A) stands on the white line at the end of the rectangle.
2. The other team (team B) spreads out in one of the rectangles.
3. A person from team A tries to run through team B to the white line at the other end.
4.The 6 people in team B are going to tackle the one person from team A. The person running has to touch the line to win.
5.If you get tagged you are out and must sit on the sideline. The person who tackles you tries to run and touch the line of Team A.
6. If you touch the white line you get 1 point.
7. The teams take turns at running until one of the teams has no players left.

Facts about India

India is part of Asia. The capital city of India is New Delhi. It is very hot in India. The currency of India is the rupee. The main languages are Hindi and English, but many other languages are also spoken.
The main crops grown in India are rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugar cane, and potatoes.
The most popular sport in India is cricket.
In India the New Year celebration is called Diwali.
In India the food is hot and spicy.

National Emblem