Water Divining.

The top picture shows how the rods are held in your hands when trying to find water. The bottom picture of the rods indicates water has been found.

To find the place in which you are going to drill your bore/well, you need to find a place with water beneath the surface. One way of doing this involves lightly holding two pieces of wire bent into an L shape. When you are doing this, you walk slowly over the area in which you want to drill a bore. As you pass over water, the wires will cross over each other. This is called water divining. When the water is quite a long way underground, this method works better for some people than others.

A more modernised way of finding underground water is when you use a high-tech computer programme. Somehow this programme detects water below the surface. We don't know much more about this method as the people that specialise in this don't always want too many people to know how they detect water.

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