Motueka South School

Our Town


Our school is Motueka South School. We are a full primary school with 10 classes and an ORRS unit. We have an RTLit and 2 RTLBs based at our school. W e are siuated at the southern end of Motueka town which is 40km west of Nelson.

The topic we chose was Our Town Motueka. Our syndicate (Middle School ,years 3 to 5) chose local industries at our end of town. We chose this theme as we felt is was important for the children to get to know our own area better and it was easier to locate resources both personnel and material wise for this first research project. We wanted the pupils to be able to interview local people as well as draw on a wide variety of first hand knowledge.

We visited local industries/ commercial premises in our immediate locality, invited peole in to speak to us as well as asking questions while on a visit. We asked parents, grandparents and friends for information to help us as well as taking our own photos.

We hope you find our project interesting and informative.