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T.O.A.D. Hall

What is T.O.A.D. Hall? What is it's history? Why is it important to us?

Image about T.O.A.D. Hall

To get started we looked at a For Sale newspaper photo of T.O.A.D. Hall and in groups decided what building it was and how we knew. We wrote what we already knew about it and what we wanted to find out.

Image about T.O.A.D. Hall

We walked to T.O.A.D. Hall to make observational drawings of the shop building. We had already looked at a picture to identify the building and decide what features there were about it that we recognised. This helped focus us on the physical aspects as we drew the shop. Here are some of the drawings we did.

Image about T.O.A.D. Hall

Drawing of TOAD Hall
This is my drawing of T.O.A.D. Hall.

We all drew a draft sketch to take back to school. We could decide whether we wanted to do a pencil sketch with shading or to colour our picture to show texture.

Image about T.O.A.D. Hall

Image about T.O.A.D. Hall

Our drawings have been put on public display at our local schools performing arts evening called MASSIVE. We hope people enjoy looking at our pictures.

T.O.A.D. Hall is the first shop you see when you come in to Motueka so it attracts tourists. T.O.A.D. Hall sells every type of fruit. T.O.A.D. Hall sells ice-creams, fruit, toys, vegies & lollies. Lots of people such as tourists like to eat and buy delicious food. Mr. Fry’s parents came up from Dunedin 45 years ago. Mr. Fry and his dad travelled once a week to Takaka and Bainham to sell produce when he was little. It used to take all day. Mr. Fry and his sister bought the business off their dad when he retired. By Lani and Christine

Image of T.O.A.D. Hall Today
T.O.A.D. Hall Today

Image about T.O.A.D. Hall
T.O.A.D. Hall before 1998

T.O.A.D. Hall before 1998 By Xoe and Amy
It was at St Thomas church and the Fry’s had it shifted to Fry’s Fruit Bowl. What they did is they got some people to lift the bottom up and put it on a huge truck that could carry T.O.A.D. Hall on it. They only took the building with out the roof. They shifted the roof separately.
It was a school before it was a church hall. T.O.A.D. Hall used to be called Fry’s Fruit Bowl. When it was Fry’s Fruit Bowl it could fit 4 cars in it. Mr Fry, Lucy’s mother, Lucy, her big sisters and brother all brainstormed the name T.O.A.D. Hall. 45 years ago Mr Fry’s father used to grow vegetables where the rest home is now.

Image of Moving the hall
Moving the Hall down High Street

Image of taking the roof off the Hall
The roof taken off so that the Hall can get under the power lines.

T.O.A.D. Hall started in 1998 after the Fry’s moved the hall to their place in High Street. They got the name T.O.A.D. Hall from a family brainstorm. They came up with T.O.A.D. Hall from The Wind in the Willows book. It is a short version of Trading on Another Dimension. They used to sell only fruit and vegies but now they sell wooden toys, ice cream and lollies as well. Heaps of people come to T.O.A.D. Hall because it is the first shop in town. T.O.A.D. Hall is a really good place to go shopping because it has every type of fruit and vegetables.They used to grow the food on their own land but now they buy it from the markets in Nelson.

They get 3-4 truck loads of produce a week.

When we started to learn about T.O.A.D. Hall it was for sale. It has now been sold but we don’t know who it was sold to.

We think they will grow organic fruit and vegetables to sell.

Image about TOAD hall

Image about TOAD hall

Image about TOAD hall
These are some of the signs out the front of T.O.A.D. Hall. By Dionne and Regan.

T.O.A.D. Hall is important because it’s the first shop you see coming from Nelson into Motueka. This is the truck they use to get all the food for the shop.
This is the freezer where all the ice-cream and frozen fruit is kept. Let us tell you some of the ice-cream flavours; banana, strawberry, blackberry and all fruit ice-cream. The tourists love their ice-cream!!! Lots of people like their ice-cream.

Toad Hall Truck

image of TOAD hall food

Here are some facts about T.O.A.D. Hall . Mr Fry’s
parents owned it before he bought it. He has just sold it and we don’t know who to yet.
It provides us with food from all around the town and New Zealand. It’s part of our community, town and New Zealand. If you want a little treat T.O.A.D. Hall has it.
By Anastasia and Molly.

Here is a photo of our completed project. We hope you enjoyed looking at our work.

image of TOAD hall food

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