New Brighton Catholic School Early Canterbury

Clothes RM2

Hi and welcome to our web page about Early Canterbury clothes.

We discovered that the Early Canterbury clothes were very different to our clothes now because of all the layers, different colours and materials used.

In these photos you can see some of the different clothes that the people might have worn all those years ago and also a photo of some of our class dressed up on our visit to Northbrook Museum in Rangiora


Q. How do you compare the clothes of today to the clothes of Early Canterbury?
A. They are very different in colours, shapes and sizes.

Q. Did all the ladies were corsets?
A. No it was a choice .

Q. What did the Victorian children wear?
A. Children from richer families dressed rather differently to poorer children

Q. Did all boys wear sailor suits ?
A. No they could wear what they liked.

Q. Did they have school uniforms ?
A. Yes they did but they are very different to now.

We have closets filled with clothes but back then they only had two outfits. One for during the week and the other was for Sundays and special occasions where they did not play or run around.