New Brighton Catholic School Early Canterbury


Kia ora.

We have been studying School and Play in the Early Canterbury Times. We learned how to set our work out in Venn diagrams and we used the Questioning Matrix to make up our questions for our research. We wrote it in our own words. Our big discovery was that school and play in Early Canterbury was different than school and play now.

Q. What did the children play with?
A. They played with wooden and metal hoops that they would bowl to win. Boys played with marbles and took them seriously.

Lucky children had sit-on wheeled animals and boys had pedal cars.

Q. What did adlults do for entertainment?
A. Men went fishing with their sons, and ladies stayed home and sipped tea and ate biscuits.

Q. What did the schools look like inside and outside?
A. Inside the classrooms some of the children worked at wooden tables which would seat three to six children. They also had small chalkboards that they would do all their studying on.

Here is a photo of a doll like the girls might have played with.