New Brighton Catholic School Early Canterbury

Houses in Early Canterbury RM 2

We have been researching what V-huts and houses looked like 200 years ago in Early Canterbury. The houses look a little bit similar to the houses today.

V-huts were:

  • Over crowded
  • Small
  • Made from recycled goods
  • Made for upper class and middle class
  • Used in the 1860s
  • In the shape of an up-side-down V shape
  • Wooden

The inside of early houses.

People had no lights, they only had candles. They had no floorboards in lower class houses. The first settlers had V-huts.

Outside of the houses.

The people's houses would be broken down, unfinished and really small. The houses would have no power or gas so they would have to do things themselves. If you were rich you would have the best house. Some houses had sewers flowing in pipes through their back-yard. Houses were made of lots of things like straw and wood.