New Brighton Catholic School Early Canterbury

The Voyage Over.

People from differrent countries like England, Ireland and Wales travelled to New Zealand on ships.

There were four ships that came out here first and the one that we studied about was the Charlotte Jane.

The date was December 16 1850.
The place was Lyttleton Harbour and the sight was grassy and muddy.
There were a lot of people everywhere. There were 375 people on the ship and every day and night it was noisey, especially when they arrived in Lyttleton.

We completed a PMI about coming to New Zealand. We discussed what the Plus, Minus and Interesting factors about coming to New Zealand would have been.

Plus Minus Interesting
  • The settlers got to meet new people.
  • They made a new start.
  • To have a new business.
  • See a new land.
  • Go to a new school.
  • They got a house.
  • They got the chance to buy new land.
  • They had new jobs to do.
  • They started a new life.
  • They would have missed their family.
  • They would have missed their mates.
  • They might have had no money to buy anything.
  • They could have been scared.
  • They had a long voyage on the ship.
  • It took 99 days on the ship and it was disgusting.
  • Some people died on the ship.
  • Seven babies were born on the ship.