New Brighton Catholic School Early Canterbury

Hi! We are a Year 5 class from New Brighton Catholic School in Christchurch and we have been learning about the history of our area.

We have been studying this topic for all of Term Two this year and have had a lot of fun with the learning experiences we have completed. Here are some of these activities.

  • We integrated this topic into our Visual Art Focus. We looked at the various ways that history has been recorded and completed our own personal history in the form of stained glass windows using paint and large pieces of paper.
  • We have also completed this web site as part of recording history in a different and modern format.
  • We have completed our own family histories using Tree Diagrams.
  • We have imagined we were one of the immigrants on the Charlotte Jane boat all those many years ago and described what this voyage may have been like.
  • We have completed PMI's (what would the Plus, Minus and Interesting factors have been?) relating to coming to New Zealand.
  • We have had visits to the Canterbury Museum and the Northbrook Museum in Rangiora
  • We have used the Question Matrix and the Thinking Keys to further develop our research skills.
  • We have spent a lot of time reading about what life would have been like all those years ago.

As you can see we have been very busy!

We hope that you will enjoy exploring our web site.

We have enjoyed making it.


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