Ardleigh Golf Club
Ardleigh Golf Course ROCKS !!!

The Ardleigh Golf Club was first built in Palmerston in 1932 and moved to Meadowbank in 1963/64.

The Hudson family set up the original golf course in Palmerston as a private course then locals like Dr Thomas and Francis Callaghan helped to run it. In 1963/64 the course was moved to Meadowbank with Dr Thomas, Francis Callaghan, Bob Hewitt, Sid Heckler, John Aspinall, Norman Freeland,Ian (Podge) Stevenson and others building and designing the course.

The original Hudson family named it Ardleigh with links back to Scotland. To be a full member nowadays you have to pay $200 per season. Today the golf course is still being developed.

The Ardleigh golf course has 4 major events with other smaller events. The ladies play every Tuesday and the men every Thursday and Saturday golf. On the other days anyone can play.

It is on Sutherland RD Highway 85. It is a great place to grab a club and have a relaxing 9 hole game of golf.

By Alex, Sam, Jordan and Oliver