Shag Valley Station
Shag Valley Station beef and sheep farm
Shag Valley Station

Shag Valley Station is an historical farm on the Pigroot on State Highway 85, twenty minutes west out of Palmerton. It is a big farm consisting of 12,000 acres or 4600 hectors.

Johnny Jones, a whaler from Waikouiti was the first owner of Shag Valley Station.

He then sold the farm to Sir Francis Dillon Bell in 1863. Shag Valley Station has been in the Bell family for the last 6 generations.

The original part of the homestead was built in 1864 .

There was also an old pub in a paddock on the property that gold miners, locals and the farm workers used to use.

The 1st buildings built on Shag Valley Station were the old stables and old shearers shed. They still stand today.

Shag Valley Station is named after the Shag River Valley.

There were 50 + horses on the farm in the beginning. They were working horses and bullet horse teams that did lots of agricultural horse work.

Here is a list of what still stands today from the original farm;

  • wool shed
  • shearers quarters
  • hay barn
  • laboratory
  • homestead
  • home stables
  • workshop
  • cottage
  • cookshop
  • stables
  • tractor shed
  • killing shed
  • manager house
  • hanger shed
Shag Valley Station
Shag Valley Station
Shag Valley Station
Shag Valley Station
This is what does not stand on Shag Valley Station anymore from the original buildings;
  • 1 house, burnt down
  • gardeners shed
  • cottage on the hill
  • Old Waihemo pub
  • Rabbiters house
  • blacksmith shop

By Jasmine Lucy,Ruby,Madyson and Keely