Moeraki Lighthouse
Built to keep people safe!!!!

129 years ago the Moeraki lighthouse was built. It took 3 years to build it because it blew over twice. The lighthouse was fuelled by paraffin. The paraffin was kept along way a way from the lighthouse because it was flammable.

It took 3 men to run the lighthouse. There was no road so the supplies had to be carried in by boat. The lighthouse is there because there is a a dangerous reef called Fish Reef that has caused problems for ships. It is there to warn people of the danger. Around about 1930 electricity was introduced to the lighthouse so then only one man had to look after the lighthouse.

The light is a flasher. It means that the light flashes every 6 seconds like an indicator instead of the light going around in circles. It can last for 6 days on a AA battery . The Light house is at least 6 meters tall and the wood that the lighthouse is made of is macracapa. The lighthouse is 52 metres above sea level. Approximately 30000 people visit the lighthouse every year to see the yellow eyed penguins. The yellow eyed penguins lay their eggs in September and the babies hatch in November. If you want to find out more about Moeraki lighthouse go to or go to