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Explore these stories created by New Zealand students and discover how they captured their local Living Heritage treasures. The intention of the Living Heritage facilitators is not to alter the voice of the student authors, but to provide support to ensure the work is clearly presented.

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  • 100 years of Grey Lynn School

    Grey Lynn Primary School - Primary – Published 27/05/2011

    In 2010 Grey Lynn School celebrated its Centennial. See how the history has unfolded over one hundred years as the students share the story of their school.

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  • Change in our community

    Cornwall Park District School - Primary – Published 21/12/2010

    Cornwall Park District School year five students went on a walk and discovered that while many things have changed, the past is remembered around the community of Epsom and Greenlane in several ways. Enjoy reading about their discoveries into the history of their community.

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  • Nga poupou (Paparore School's poupou)

    Paparore School - Primary – Published 20/12/2010

    Students from Te Kauru at Paparore School have created a website filled with information about their area, their school and its heritage. Find out about their place and their stories.

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  • Owairaka School pepeha

    Owairaka District School - Primary – Published 16/12/2010

    As the information had been lost, students from Owairaka District School have researched their school peheha. Have a look at the learning journey the students made to create and share their new school peheha.

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  • Traditional world games

    Miramar Central School - Primary – Published 16/12/2010

    Have you played these games? A group of students from Miramar Central School interviewed family members to learn about games that are popular in the country and culture they are associated with.

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  • Paddy the wanderer

    Island Bay School - Primary – Published 14/12/2010

    Paddy the Wanderer was well known in Wellington in the 1930s. Island Bay School students find out why Paddy captured the hearts of so many, and how Wellington has changed over the years.

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  • Te Ruma Reo Rua

    Wilford School - Primary – Published 01/12/2010

    Find out about the students of the bilingual unit at Wilford School as they take a look at who they are. Read too about their school, and the special places and landmarks in Petone.

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  • Discovering our Thorndon

    Thorndon School - Primary – Published 25/11/2010

    Discover the history of one of the oldest suburbs in New Zealand. A group of year 7 and 8 students invite you to join them in exploring Thorndon School’s community. Happy reading!

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  • The living canoe

    Mitiaro High School - Secondary – Published 29/06/2010

    Learn how to build a paiere. Students from Mitiaro High School in the Cook Islands share how their school community built a canoe and the amazing learning journey the students experienced.

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  • Tiniroto through the looking glass

    Tiniroto School - Primary – Published 28/06/2010

    The students at Tiniroto School, in the Gisborne district have researched the history of their local area. Find out about how their community has developed over the years.

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Displaying 41 - 50 of 67 stories

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