Around the world

My Grandfather (on my mother’s side), Paul Craggs, lived in Yorkshire in England. He left England at the age of 13 with his father and brother, because it was a better future for them (them being his family).

He left England and came to Melbourne, Australia in 1963 via ship. After spending four years in Australia, he then travelled to Auckland, New Zealand in 1967, again via a ship. I have been unable to find the name of either of the ships, which have since been scrapped.

When he arrived he was 17 years of age and almost straight away joined the NZ Army, and shortly after joining he met my Grandmother, Gail who worked as a nurse in the nearby hospital.
He is currently working for his own business in Auckland with his wife, daughter and son-in-law. He has a another daughter and a dog , and 5 grandchildren (including me).
These days he feels glad he came to New Zealand.