Arts and Culture Week

Arts and Culture Week is a week that we have once a year in term two to celebrate the different cultures in the school and give opportunities to learn about the arts and about different cultures.

Arts and Culture Week at Waitakere College is a celebration of different cultures in the school. We celebrate it because we value diversity and value the creativity and imagination of the students in the school who are part of different cultures.

We also want everyone to be proud of who they are and to respect their own identity. It is very special having so many different cultures in the school. For our school it is very important and special to celebrate people's own culture and learn about their artistic backgrounds.

Also in Arts and Culture we sometimes dress up in our cultural costumes and sell a lot of foods from different cultures. The food that we normally sell every year would be African food (South African, Zimbabwe, Congo, Eritrea, and Somalia). We also sell Filipino, Pacifica, and Hangi. For the hangi we have to dig a hole behind C block (hangi is a way of cooking Māori traditional food). Sometimes we sell some French food which is pancakes (crepes) as well as Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern foods.

The point of Arts and Culture Week is about celebrating all the different cultures within our school so we don’t forget about our cultures and can be proud of where we come from.

Promise and Renee