Our long-awaited school Marae

Why make a Marae?

So it makes Māoris feel comfortable, welcome and wanted at Waitakere College.
The Marae shows how culturally diverse Waitakere College is.
It’s been a plan of Waitakere College’s to have a Marae for 10+ years now.
To make other Ethnicities and Cultures aware of Māori lifestyle

The Marae has many uses as:

  • a learning space/classroom
  • a gathering area
  • a meeting place.

How did we decide what the Marae would be like?

The Board Of Trustees for a few years had planned to make a Marae. The decision was made to create a gathering place which provides a sense of spiritual identity and belonging for Māori students, staff and Whanau. Also to make the Whare Ako a centre for enhancing the learning and achievement of Māori students with Whanau support. They also made the decision to enhance the learning of students all other cultures and ethnicities within the school community.

The Uenuku Komiti is a group that consists of our Kaumaatua, Kuia, the Principal of Waitakere College, Māori staff and Students and Board members.

Consultation - This Komiti consulted Māori students, staff and whanau, all the staff and students.

Research - They visited other school and educational institution Maraes

Architect – The Board commissioned an architect to design the Marae

Building Te Marae

We need to make space for the Marae by moving/shifting a block of offices to a different location in the school.
We will be building the Marae bit by bit perfecting the Marae every step we take getting better and better.
The school will start with the Whare Nui (Main house) The Whare Kai ( Kitchen and dining are) and an Ablutions Block (Toilets).

By the end of 2015 the first stage of our Marae will become a reality.

Jahmaya and Cray