Lake Hood

Pohutakawa decided that we wanted to find out more about Lake Hood, because that was what we decided was an Ashburton Treasure.

What we wanted to find out about Lake Hood.

This is what we found out about Lake Hood:

  • It opened in 2001
  • Lake Hood is 6km South East of Tinwald, Ashburton
  • Lake Hood is 2.3km long
  • It is 1 km wide
  • Lake Hood is a man made lake, which means that it isn't natural, but built by people
  • Lake Hood has an 8 lane rowing course and a separate water area that can be used for jet-skiing
  • There is a restaurant there called The Lake House
  • The idea for creating Lake Hood was started in 1987 by a man called Ken Kingsbury
  • Lake Hood got its name from Doug Hood. He was a prominent businessman in Mid-Canterbury and the lake was named after him in recognition of all the community contributions he made to Mid-Canterbury during his life.
One group from Manuka also looked at Lake Hood

The reason we are studying Lake Hood is because the school's topic is 'Our Place, Our Treasures', and we thought that Lake Hood was one of our local treasures.

We visited Lake Hood to take some photos of the lake, wild life and houses there. We also wrote a letter to the Lake Hood Management Committee to ask them some questions about the history of Lake Hood.

Lake Hood Facts

  • Lake Hood started in 1987 and finished 14 years later in 2001
  • Lake Hood is 6.1 km south east of Tinwald
  • Planned by Doug Hood during his life in Tinwald.
  • In excess of 80 hectares in area
  • 2,300 metres in length
  • over 1 kilometre wide
  • rowing course
  • separate water skiing
  • separate jet skiing area,
  • plus sailing and kayaking which would be enjoyed all around Lake Hood.

This is the main sign so if you want to go there look out for this sign as you drive along Strangers Rd.

This sign shows all the activities you can do. The sports that you can do are sailing, cycling, water skiing, rowing, swimming, picnics, board sailing and fishing.


Bring your boat down to Lake Hood and you will have the time of your life!

At Lake Hood, go walking along the canal and find lots of cool brands of boats like this one here.

The houses are really fancy at Lake Hood. We would love to stay at Lake Hood by the look of those houses!
This is a photo of a house we saw along the canal. They are really expensive.

(Click on the picture to find out more)

This is the Lake House - click on the picture to find out more about this awesome eatery.  
If you want to find out more about the fascinating story of Lake Hood then click here