Somerset Building

Rata chose the new Somerset building in town as the Ashburton Treasure we wanted to find out more about. We came up with a list of questions we wanted answered about the Somerset and took a class trip there. Below are our 6 main questions, and our ideas about the information we got about the Somerset building.

Where is it?

Oscar and Annabel drew this map of how to get from Tinwald School to the Somerset building. The building is on East St. in the centre of Ashburton.


Who built it?

Kraig drew this picture of the building in progress. Todd drew this picture of the builders building it. Teresa found out that the company that built the Somerset was MAINZEAL.

Why did they build it?

Lachie and Abbie thought they built it because they would make room for more businesses to work there.

The construction site
The finished product

What is in it?

Minx - hairdressers

TCR - The Clothes Rack

Croys - Accounting firm

The Ashburton Guardian newspaper

A future restaurant - yet to be built

Marlese, Elias, Mitchell, Ronan and Jayden contributed these pictures and ideas.

How long has it been here?

Matthew painted this picture of the old building.

William painted this picture of the other old building.

Hayden painted this picture of the brand new building.

Why is it a treasure?

The Somerset building is a treasure because it has been in Ashburton for a very long time. It is big, and situated right in the middle of town.

By Jack, Tara and Callum