Plains Railway

Plain's Railway is a good place for picnics. If you want to sit in a train you could just go there when they are open. Sometimes there are Christmas festivals held there and old vintage machinery in the museum.

In the Plains Railway Museum you will see old fashioned trains and old typewriters and gun powder. You can pick vegetables there like peas and potatoes in December.

If you want to know more about any of the pictures then click on them and get taken to the Plains Railway website.

The Plains Railway it is quite close to the Tinwald Domain on Maronan Rd, Tinwald Ashburton.



This is a picture of our crew. The people behind us are Mr Oakley and Mr French. They were fantastic tour guides as we took a poke around behind the scenes of The Plains Railway - It certainly was not a 'plain' trip.

This is where they fix all the trains.

The one on the left is 'K' 88 or Washington, which was built in 1877. It is a 2-4-2 which means in has 2 small wheels then 4 drivers and then 2 smaller wheels again. It used to haul an express train from Christchurch to Dunedin.

K88 was on the Kingston Flyer route until it was buried in Southland's Oreti River as flood protection.

Workers removed it from the river in 1974 and it was back on the rails by 1982.

To see more information about the NZR K88s class locomotives click here




This is an old carriage that some people get wedding photos taken in.

The break down train is used to lift trains back on to the track if they have been detailed.

This old traction engine is used for taking children on trailer rides, and was used to power thrashing mills that were similar to a modern header, but they didn't move around the paddock.  

This is the entrance to Plains Railway.

We are very proud of this place, and enjoy going to see the old machines and things. If you want to know more then click on the photo.