Tinwald School

Kahikatea chose Tinwald School as the Ashburton Treasure that we wanted to find out more about. We started off with a brainstorm to identify some questions we wanted answered.

How were we going to find out? We looked at a picture from the olden days and went outside our school to the same place it had been taken and then we discussed with each other all the things that were the same and different. We then came back to class and made a venn diagram.

We created a venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between our school in the past and present.


When we were looking for pictures about our school we couldn't find many that showed us what school was like and where the children played. We brainstormed ideas about what we thought were treasures at our school and what we thought children in 50 years would like to know about our school. These photos were taken by the children in Kahikatea.

Our sandpit

Rooms 4 - 1

Vegetable garden

Mr Nicol's shed

Flag pole, office, staffroom

Kahikatea outside the gate

Main entrance

Small adventure playground

Tennis court, big adventure

What will our school look like in the future? We know that it will change because we are currently building a new classroom and a performing arts centre.

This is the foundation for the

new performing arts centre.

If you look closely you will

see some stones in the shape

of a rectangle. These are from

the foundations of the old

school building!

This is a new classroom that is being

built for Ponga. At the moment they

have to share a room with Rata.