A sweet smell of kiwiana

From planning on a whiteboard to preparing the feast, the middle syndicate of St Anne’s put their kiwiana knowledge to the test and took up a challenge that they never thought they would ever do.

Although the hangi food looked delicious, kids have their own opinion. There were some complaints from their own point of view, like it didn’t look cooked or it didn’t taste nice.

“The experience was definitely different,” said Isaac, Paula and Yvonne three students from the middle syndicate.

“It was definitely different, because it’s always the adults preparing the food but now it’s the other way round,” they continued.

Excited, they all want to do it again, but as usual they would like to change a few of the ways the food was prepared. All three agreed that they would like, “More meat instead of veggies, because the chicken and lamb chops were juicy, tender and yum.”

But the rest is fine, just the way it is.

The helpers, of course were a huge part of this event. Parents, whose children weren’t only from the middle syndicate, but other syndicates also came to help.

There were an outrageous number of parents that came along. Early in the morning, the dads and some brothers helped set up the fire feeding wood to it one by one, while some children were helping by placing the food in to the trays. They wrapped it in foil and placed it onto a piece of metal, ready to put it on top of the fire.

Mr. Rob, teacher of Rm 6 and Mr. Matt teacher of Rm 4, were essential in making this hangi a success. They mostly organised the entire occasion, and of course, all the teachers and helpers involved got to taste the wonderful cooking.