Governor General visit

Being able to visit the Government House made me speechless. An invitation was sent from Honorable Sir Anand Satyanand and Lady Susan to local schools. I was asked to attend an afternoon tea party. How could I say no to that?

This was an astonishing experience. I felt very posh. Visiting all the rooms inside out was remarkable. Seeing all the antiques, old collectables, and beautiful paintings made you say “wow.” I had never seen anything like it before. It was like being in another world.


The crunch in my mouth, then the after taste. My taste buds tingled. I couldn’t resist taking another bite. It was like magic in my mouth. I tried out other bites. The little sandwiches and cakes were delicious, I could just keep on eating!

After being mind blown, it was time to leave. I had learned and experienced quite a few new things. This was a special day, and one I will remember forever.

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The Evening Post 1934, featured an article about the new New Zealand Govenor General Viscount and Viscountess Galway and their family, including their pet dog Ross.