Camp worth it or not?

This experience helped me to be confident, and conquer my fears,” said Sian.

Teapot Valley Christian Camp was a brilliant opportunity for year 7/8’s last year. Many had new challenges to overcome.

“The support was very supportive, and helpful through all activities,” said Genesis.

'It was amazing, exciting, I wanted to try everything!” Genesis exclaimed.

She was one of the people who had never tried abseiling and the flying fox, and she found these challenging.

By having a timetable to follow, it challenged us to be self-managed. “I missed my family, I’d never been away for so long,” Sian admitted.

“It was a pain in the neck having to live with friends, when you’re doing diary work,” Sian notes.

Although, what about those who weren’t able to go?

“It felt bad, being left out. I would take any opportunity to go to camp, after I had heard all the good feedback.”

Next year a group of students will also be attending camp. It will be a great experience, I can see that through the photos,” says Angela Rae.

“It sounds like a place of fun activities,” says Yianni.

Many students look forward to going next year they all say it sounds like “FUN!”