Cultural dance, come alive

“Good, cool and magnificent.”

Whitireia dancers came and astonished us with their performance. Students left having had a once in a life time experience. Whitireia have performed and travelled all over the world. St Anne’s School was lucky to have them come and perform dances from different cultures; Maori to Samoan Hawaiian to Cook Island. They also performed a range of contemporary dances.

"Best dance was the Samoan and the Cook Island,” Riley and Danyah-Lee from Room 5 commented. Every student had a laugh. The guys were funny,” Danyah-Lee said.

“One of my cousins’ friends was there!”

“They were running nude,” anonymous.

But what about the little kids? Did they enjoy it or were they scared?

“The music was cool,” Ysa from Room 3 said.

“I like the sparkly outfits,” Lydia from Room 3 added.

“It was embarrassing but was also fun,” Costa and Sandris from Room 5 shared. The whole performance wasn’t just for fun it was also good for learning about different cultures, and bringing cultures together. Being asked to dance with them, made us blush; people were embarrassed but had a good laugh with some friends.