Our Edgecumbe Primary School today

Our school is much bigger than the very first Edgecumbe Primary School in 1914 but once upon a time, EPS was much, much bigger than it is today!

Here is EPS today as we know it...

...but...EPS has changed over the years...here is the first EPS but it was only a barn building!

...then the new EPS was built around 1932.

...in the photograph below (even though it says 'today', it was taken in 1964), does not show the shelter roof over the concrete area outside the multipurpose room or the garden by the front of the school or the trees and shrubs between the College and EPS. The shelter would be built between the two big trees shown in the photograph eventually.

The tree on the left and closest to the EPS buildings, was planted by some of the students who attended the school between 1930 - 1950. Two of these students came to our celebration on Saturday and told two of our teachers they were the ones who had planted these trees...but our teachers forgot their names!

Today, the trees look like this. Our children love them! Around this tree, there are seats around it now and the children can sit here, run along them or like a lot of children do, jump over them to play inside the garden! Some of the children like to make huts, play hide and seek or just sit to watch some of the native birds that come to visit our garden.

The other big tree in the picture on the right looks like this today and the wharenui is built next to it. Our school and the College share the wharenui.

...in 1997, there were a few more buildings on the EPS site but since then, some of the buildings have been removed because they were no longer being used.

Here is our classroom. We think we have the best classroom because we have the best tree just outside our window...but it has had a 'hair-cut' recently. A few months ago (about August or September 2014), some of the branches had to be cut off but we don't mind because our lovely tree will still give us lovely shade in the hot Summer months! Also, our class is just the coolest!

Let's go for a walk around our school...let's start at our EPS sign!

...and here we are with our milk sign outside the Office. Our caretaker Mr Burke made this sign...he is really clever and very artistic!

...we are here under the shelter next to the Multipurpose room before the roof got fixed. Yes, it got fixed for our big celebration day! The Multipurpose room was originally the first classrooms.

...at the Wharenui our school and the Edgecumbe College share

...at Room 4

...at the Junior swimming pool before you get to Edgecumbe College

...Room 6

...outside Room 8 and 9 (next to our class)

...the Library and back of the ICT Suite (opposite Rooms 9, 8 and 7)

...Rooms 10 and 11

...the Junior sandpit opposite Rooms 10 and 11

...the RTLB headquarters next to Room 11

...Mr Burke's Office!

...the Junior playground next to the RTLB headquarters and Room 11

...the Senior playground at the back of Rooms 7, 8 and 9

...the Lockwood buildings for the Year 7 and 8 students. This side is looking at the road.

...in 1997, the new Lockwood building was brought to our school! The Lockwood classrooms are looking out over our school field.

We hope you enjoyed our tour around our school!