Room 1 - The Historical Room

On Friday morning, Room 7 visited Room 1, the Historical Room, before all the visitors came. Our class renamed it the 'Memory Room' because there were lots of objects from a long time ago, old phone boxes, tools, recipe books, old 'name roll' books from Edgecumbe Primary School, cooking utensils, Mr Brebner's rock collections, trophies, photograph albums showing classes and teachers over many years...also, Memory Room sounded cooler!

Many of the things came from the school's attic, Mr Brebner and other people from the community.

We spent about 20 minutes here but we could have spent longer. The children were excited looking at all the different artefacts and books. The children talked alot about how things might have been used, they talked about if they had seen some of these things already at their own houses or Grandparent's homes. Whaea Niki and I enjoyed listening to all the different conversations around the room - our children were having a great time here!

Can you see some familiar objects? Do you know what some of these were used for?

Our school has hosted the Rangitaiki School Kapa Haka Festival for years but this year, they passed the 'privilege' onto another school. Some of the staff were a little sad about this. Here are some of the trophies our school will have to return too after the Jubilee is finished.

Room 7 children were encouraged to have their arms folded or hands in pockets just in case we knocked something off the tables. This was really hard to do but they made it...most of the time!

Some of Mr Brebner's rock collection.

The children have found the photograph albums of classrooms and teachers. Some of the children were trying to find their own parents who came here a long time ago. Some of our children found their Mums or Dads!

Here is one of our parents looking through the photograph albums for herself and her class mates. This is Sophie's mum and we had 'sneaked' up behind her to take her photograph. We got to see Sophie's mum as a little girl in one of her class photographs and we also heard one of her fond memories of being a student at EPS. Sophie was in our 'Discovering Edgecumbe' story from last year.

Here we are leaving the 'Historical Room' to go and look at some of the photographs on our hallway walls. Every year, the new classroom photographs are added to our walls but today, someone has added photocopied photographs of classrooms starting from 1938 and going through to the 1970s. There are not many photographs from these time periods, especially from the 1940s because of World War 2.

Here we are in the 'Hallway of Photographs' and visitors have already started arriving. The registration room is down the hallway in our Staff room. We thought this photograph was pretty cool because everyone in this photograph (below) are or were students from EPS!

Here we are not far from Room 1 again, looking at the shelter. Our children are outside the Multipurpose room which was once the first two original classrooms. It is now our hall where we have assemblies or where classrooms can do activities if they need a lot of room.

It is almost lunch time and our whole school is going to have lunch together underneath the shelter area.