References and acknowledgements

Our class would like to give a big THANK YOU to the following people for their help, support, photographs and information:

  • Ourselves!
  • Our Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles...Our Families and Community
  • Edgecumbe Primary School's Staff
  • The Jubilee Committee who were the driving force behind all the organizational preparations for the 100th Jubilee / Centennial celebrations!
  • Steve the photographer - Whaea Joelle used Steve's camera to take amazing photographs during the Friday night celebrations (ie Mix and Mingle) and we used some of the photographs Steve took
  • Our Special Visitors who took the time to speak to our EPS children

The Jubilee Committee:

  • Mr Brebner - the Principal
  • Ms Beattie - the Deputy Principal
  • Mr Davey - ex-Principal
  • Mrs Davey - ex-Senior Teacher of the Junior Syndicate
  • Mrs Reid - present teacher (who was also part of the 2013 'Discovering Edgecumbe' story)
  • Miss Kelly Flynn - ex-student / Kindergarten teacher and sister to Mrs Reid

Whaea Lesa and Whaea Niki would also like to acknowledge these Room 7 students who helped to take photographs in other classrooms and around the school:

  • Hayley-Rae
  • Max
  • Zoe

We would like to also acknowledge Leeanna from Room 6, who took photographs of the 'Tree Planting' event on the last day of school.

Leeanna's sister Haley, was in Room 7 in 2013 and was part of our 'Discovering Edgecumbe' story. Big brother Jacob is in the Lockwood and Nan and Grandad were visitors to our Jubilee. They also feature in this story.

We would like to 'thank and acknowledge' the children and Staff at EPS for letting us use photographs of them and their learning for this story.

We would also like to 'thank and acknowledge' our special visitors who gave our class permission to use their photographs in this story.

Resources and information was also gathered from these places:

  • Old records, reports, photographs, files and school documents from Edgecumbe Primary School
  • The 'Edgecumbe School Golden Jubilee 1914 - 1964' book
  • The 'Edgecumbe - The Heart of the Rangitaiki 1914 - 1989' book
  • The 'Discovering Edgecumbe' story from 2013 (from Room 7's Year 3-4 class)

Discovering Edgecumbe

  • The Jubilee / Centennial Committee's official 'facebook' page

Edgecumbe Primary School 100 Year Jubilee

  • The National Library - books and magazines
  • Google search engine to look at pictures of fashion
  • Music: The Andrew Sisters CD and YouTube clip

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B - The Andrew Sisters

  • YouTube: Old Wartime songs from 1914

Pack Up Your Troubles / It's a Long Way to Tipperary

  • YouTube: Various music video clips through the decades from 1914 - 2014 (eg 20s, 30s, 40s, etc)

A special 'Thank You' to...

  • The community of people who were approached by the Jubilee Committee to help in some way or volunteered their help
  • The sponsors who helped the Jubilee Committee is the Room 7 Team!


Isaac, Makszi, Max (turned away), Brock


Zoe (back blue shirt), Tayen (blue singlet), Whaea Niki, Mariah, Dominic, Hayley-Rae,

Rhys (in front of Zoe), Te Mauri (yellow shirt)


Nevaeh, Jamie, Tahana, Llakiesha (hat), Maahina


Te Are and Te Hau Paeroa