The Jubilee Committee and the Big Birthday preparations

We had a small team of very interested and hard working people who planned, organized and helped our EPS teachers, staff and children prepare for our school's big birthday.

This group of people were:

  • Our Principal - Mr Brebner
  • Our Deputy Principal / Year 7 and 8 Senior Teacher - Ms Beattie
  • Past Principal - Mr Davey
  • Past Senior Teacher / New Entrants / Junior Department - Mrs Davey
  • Ex-Student / Present (and very busy) relieving teacher - Mrs Reid
  • Ex-Student / Kindergarden teacher (and Mrs Reid's sister) - Miss Kelly Flynn

The Jubilee Committee began preparing for our 100th birthday celebrations last year in 2013. They met regularly to talk about what they should have for activities, what they should do to get ready, who should they get to help, who could help them get these things ready and lots of other things to think about.

They have had a lot of things to do like:

  • What needs to be done that is important around the school?
  • What kinds of activities should they have ready?
  • Who can they contact for sponsorship?
  • Who can they contact to help them get ready?
  • What are the different roles people have to do?
  • And lots more questions over the next year

They worked very long hours and had to talk to a lot of people over many months. Room 7 thought the Jubilee Committee did a really 'awesome' job.


  • Room 7 class had a lot of fun saying hello to our special visitors and showing off our classroom.
  • Our children noticed all the excitement and busy activities that were happening all around the school and we were just as excited
  • We thought about the visitors who came to say hello to our class - once upon a time, they came to our school as students!
  • At the next birthday celebration, we might all come back to say hello to the 'future' school children too!
  • We really enjoyed the birthday celebration because we were all invited and we liked the birthday cakes!
  • If we didn't have the committee group, we wouldn't have had the birthday celebrations!