Changes to street names

The first street names in Khandallah were not Indian names. They changed. Here is a list of some of the street names that have been changed.

Current Name and Past Name

Baroda Street was Jessie Street
Dekka Street and Clutha Street were York Street
Delhi Crescent was Tennis Court Road
Ganges Road was McKenzie Terrace
Khandallah Road was Khandallah Track (part of the Bridle Track)
Maldive Street was Peter Street
Old Porirua Road was Porirua Road

Omar Street was Glen Street
Simla Crescent was Crescent Road (and The Crescent)
Shortland Street was Elizabeth Street
Station Road was Kathleen Street
Nicholson Road (part of) was Victoria Road

We think these names changed after 1919 when Onslow Borough became part of Wellington. They had changed by 1948 because it names them in F.L. Irvine-Smith's book.