Research process

We decided to research the history of the naming of the Khandallah streets, the suburb our school is in.

Firstly, we brainstormed what we knew.

We used our holiday time to gather some information.

Secondly, we gathered all our information from lots of different sources such as:

  • Internet Google searches
  • the school library
  • books from the Khandallah Public Library
  • a visit to the Onslow Historical Society
  • the Onslow Historian booklets
  • Google map searches
  • emails to the Wellington City Council and New Zealand Geographical Board

Thirdly, we checked our information.

We checked if a name was Indian by looking at Google Maps and in a book called ‘The Streets of My City’.

We checked if the street was in Khandallah by searching on the NZPost website postcode finder.

Lastly, we worked in groups to write up all our information under different headings.