Learning outcomes

Our study of the naming of the streets of Khandallah was Social Studies, now called Social Sciences.
The New Zealand Curriculum states:

What are the social sciences about?

The social sciences learning area is about how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens. Contexts are drawn from the past, present, and future and from places within and beyond New Zealand.

Continuity and Change – Students learn about past events, experiences, and actions and the changing ways in which these have been interpreted over time. This helps them to understand the past and the present and to imagine possible futures.

We learned about past events and how the streets have been named in Khandallah.

Identity, Culture, and Organisation – Students learn about society and communities and how they function. They also learn about the diverse cultures and identities of people within those communities and about the effects of these on the participation of groups and individuals.

We have also learned about the identities of the figures within the Khandallah historical community and how these people participated in the community.

Place and Environment – Students learn about how people perceive, represent, interpret, and interact with places and environments. They come to understand the relationships that exist between people and the environment.

We have learned that people name streets after themselves, their land or their history.