References and acknowledgements

These are the books we used to find our information. Maybe they might be useful to you one day.

Khandallah Looking Back
Compiled by: J.M. and B.M. Kenneally
Presented by: Joseph M. Kenneally
Published by: Khandallah Home and School Association 1979
Design by: Ogilvy and Mather
Printed by: Apex Print Limited, Petone, New Zealand

The Streets Of My City
By F.L. Irvine-Smith
Published by: A. H. and A. W. Reed 1948

Onslow District Roads, Streets and Tracks
Compiled by: Trevor Cobeldick
For the: Onslow Historical Society
Last Updated: 5 May 2009

The Onslow Historian - various
Published by: Onslow Historical Society Inc.
Official Journal of the Onslow Historical Society Inc.

We also talked to Kevin at the Onslow Historical Society. He helped us look up a lot of information.

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