Special street names in Khandallah

Ardross Avenue:

Was named by a family that used to live in an Ardross Street in Scotland.

Box Hill:
Was named after the Sentry-box that was on the military road from Wellington to Porirua.

Clark Street:
Was named after George Clark who was one of the first people to live on the street.

Glentui Grove:
Was named by R.G.C. Flitch. He got to name it because the road was built right on his land. He liked gardening.

Izard Road:
Was named after the Izard family that were great members in the Onslow community.

Lochiel Road:
M.P. Cameron lived in Woodmancote and renamed the house Lochiel (which is on Box Hill) after his clan. Mr Cameron owned land on the other side of the railway and he built Lochiel Road and Mona Crescent. Mona Crescent later became Agra Crescent.

Simla Crescent:
S.C.G Vickers built a house on Crescent Road called Simla (number 15). Crescent Road was renamed Simla Crescent in 1925. It was the first Indian street name in Khandallah.

Torwood Road:
Named after a house built by Aubrey Gaulter called Torwood, which was named after his Grandfather’s home in Burnham village in Perthshire, Scotland.

Woodmancote Road:
Charles Beard Izard built a house on the road that is now Woodmancote and called the house Woodmancote. The street was named Woodmancote in 1908 when the drive to Woodmancote became a road. The name could have come from an employee of Mr.Izard called Mr Richard Woodman.