A survey of the Favourite Foods of our Indian Students

We did a survey of the favourite foods of some of our Indian students at Marcellin College. Here are the results.

Favourite Foods

Saurav -
Kashish - 1.Bombay Grilled Sandwich 2.Pani Puri 3.Bhel Puri
Stanley - 1.Butter chicken 2.aloo mutter 3.Burger King
Nikita - 1.Butter chicken 2.aloo mutter 3. McDonalds
Sachin - 1.Mad Over Donuts 2.Pani Puri 3.Pav Bhaji
Melissa - 1.chocolate 2.salad 3.toast
Serena - 1.chicken 2.hyderabadi biryani 3.pizza
Surinderdeep - 1.burger king 2.pizza 3.KFC
Vikram - 1.pie 2.samosa 3.pav wada
Aditya - 1.pav wada 2.pav bhaji 3.hakka noodles
Erika - 1.chicken 2.paneer makhani 3.pizza
Gavin A.- 1.pizza 2.noodles 3.cheese burger
Sherwin - 1.curry and rice 2.hot dog 3.pizza
Astewaz - 1.spagetti and meatballs 2.fish and rice 3. fried rice
Nishi - 1.pav bhaji 2.aloo tikki 3.naan and curry
Simran - 1.bhurji 2.pav bhaji 3.KFC
Smyraan - 1.hyderabadi biryani 2.pav bhaji 3.chicken tikka
Gavin M. - 1.ladoo 2.pav bhaji 3. pani puri
Niel - 1. Goan fish curry 2.curry and rice 3.naan and rice
Harsh - 1.Pav Bhaji 2.Italian Denzo 3.Triple schezwan rice


Most of our Indian students chose some kind of Indian food as one/or more of their favourite foods. Only 3 students did not include any Indian foods as one of their favourites.

A wide variety of Indian foods are popular. As there are many different kinds of Indian foods, and many regional variations this comes as no surprise.

The Western food which are popular are mainly take-aways such as pizza, cheeseburgers and KFC and pies. One of the reasons for this could be that at home mainly Indian dishes are cooked.