My Life in India

My life in India was pretty much the same as every other Indian. My Dad was a doctor and his clinic was joined to our house. My Mum was a florist and we had a shop. At school I was good but still not the best and I had a lot of friends but we did not have time to meet.

Other than that my life was sweet. I had everything I needed, a TV, computer and all the other entertaining items. One thing that was completely different between here and there was the pressure at school and that is mainly the reason we shifted to NZ.

But I still miss the food, my family, my friends and my school. The things I brought to NZ with me was the culture, the talent of cricket and of course the ability of cooking.I myself can cook a few sweets like Ladoo, Jalebi. Other than that I can cook Dahi Vada’s and Pav Bhaji.

I also brought with me a positive attitude to learning and a desire do my best. I don’t only want to do the best in studies but also in sports like cricket. A fast bowlers dream is to be opening bowler for his team, and I have achieved that. My next dream is to get a hat trick and I have been a ball away from that.

So I believe I have achieved one dream, but they say dreams never end. So my dreams will keep on going whether I am in Mumbai or New Zealand.

by Harsh Shah