My Fijian Indian Heritage

Hi my name is Archana Chand. I was born in New Zealand in 1997. I have lived in New Zealand my whole life with my mum, dad and sister. Both of my parents were born in the islands of Fiji. My parents are Fijian Indians. My mum had moved to New Zealand with her parents when she started college. Soon after my dad came to New Zealand with my aunty and uncle, he and my mum married and I was born and five years after I had a little sister.

My grandparents were also born in Fiji. My grandma’s name is Ann, and my grandpa’s name is Sam. In Fiji my grandparents did not have a particular rich lifestyle. In their childhood they went to school from primary and finished form seven. As a living my grandma used to be a bus driver because she loved to meet new people everyday and to help others. After my grandpa had finished his school life, he was a very clever and smart man. For a long time in his life he used to work at a post office. My grandpa was very well known in the town of Suva, which is the capital city of Fiji, because he also helped lots of people like people who were less fortunate or people who didn’t have food.

Both of my great grandparents have died. They were also born in Fiji, but my grandma’s mum was born in India and she came to Fiji when she was 20 years old and later married. In 1990 my grandpa, grandma, uncle and mum came to New Zealand to live here for a better future. In New Zealand my grandpa had dreams starting his own business, so he started by owning his own petrol station and today he owns ten petrol stations to fulfil his dream. When my grandma was in New Zealand, she used to work at a small restaurant near Auckland City. From bus driver to a cook at a restaurant she was happy and excited to work with her friend’s every day.

So this was my interesting history from when my ancestors lived in India and arrived to Fiji from where my family started to grow, and today I am in New Zealand living my life.

By Archana Chand