Mumbai the Home of Bollywood

Mumbai: Home of Bollywood

There is a city that never sleeps and that city is my home. Its name is Mumbai.

In Mumbai they say that the fastest way to get somewhere is walking. Now in NZ that might be cars but when you see the traffic over there you will understand.

But the traffic is not the only reason, with a population of 13,662,885 and an area of only 603.4 km² any country would be like that.

My favourite place, Mumbai has a lot of good food including scrumptious Pani Puris, delicious Pav Bhaji, unbelievably sensational Dahi Vadas and lots more. But food is not the only thing that lets Mumbai keeps it’s sheen. The sweets and the movies play a big part in it. The sweets include jalebis, ladoos, kaju khatri and once again lots more.

You all might now that Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world. Now what some people I have met don’t know is that it is situated in Mumbai. Yes Bollywood is in Mumbai and it is spreading all around the world. And because of Bollywood I am sure that some people have learnt to speak Hindi.

The reason I say that is because I have met a few Kiwis, Samoans and Tongans who watch Bollywood and know how to speak Hindi.

by Harsh Shah