An interview with Mr Bassi: Our Head of Science

Mr Bassi:

Why did you come to New Zealand?

* For our children's education
* A better life style
* Fair competition
* Broader values

How did your lifestyle change?

* We had to overcome the language barrier
* There were changes in cultural values
* Food differences: There are more limited choices for vegetarians. Grocery stores.
* We used to be paid monthly rather than weekly so had to adjust our budgeting and also get used to the currency change.

What do you think Indian people are contributing to New Zealand:

* Our students get good results. They are more dedicated to their studies and that sends a good message to others.
* Indian students are non violent and soft spoken and show respect for their elders.
* They have brought a love of cricket and Bollywood Dancing.
* A drawback is that they tend to be conservative. And they are not making a contribution to rugby.

How is Indian culture being continued in New Zealnd?

The credit for this must go to Fiji Indians who have lived here for a longer time and maintained the Hindu values. However initially they had a sense of superiority over more recent Indian Immigrants but that has now vanished.

By Harsh Shah