George Vance Shannon

George Vance Shannon was born in Ulster Ireland on the 17th of August, 1842. His parents were Graham Shannon and Eliza (nee Vance). George Vance Shannon got his name from both sides of the family. He received his middle name from his mum’s maiden name Vance. He was part of the 8th generation born into his family.
In George Vance Shannon’s older years he married Emily, the oldest daughter of Lieutenant Thompson Hewitt. They had nine children and a happy marriage. Their children's names were Graham, Georgina, William, James, Margaret, Minnie, Kathleen, Eileen, and Trevor. We have streets in our town named after some of their children. They are Minnie, Graham and Margaret Streets. Mr and Mrs Shannon were great parents who cared for and loved their children with all their hearts.
George worked at the Shannon Railway Station and he was really good at his job because he was awarded boss of the Shannon Railway Station
When Mr Shannon retired from the Railway Station, he was presented with a silver trumpet at a special banquet just for George Vance Shannon. George and Emily retired, settling into a retirement home somewhere in the Bay of Islands.
His wife Emily passed away on the February 22, 1914 and Mr George Vance Shannon died on the June 4th, 1920 aged 78.


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Team effort by Hannah (Year 6) and Holly (Year 6).