Shannon Fire Station

In 1928 (one hundred and one years ago) the Shannon Fire Station was built and has been in service and good condition. The old fire trucks were old v8s and land rovers. Back then the old fire trucks were much cooler and different then the ones we have now. The land it’s on now was donated by the government and is now located on 59 Vogel Street. In 1972 the Shannon Fire Station got new fire trucks and equipment and now its been in service for one hundred and one years. This brigade supports all Levin,Tokomaru and Foxton brigades, and it is located 12km from Tokomaru, 18km from Foxton and 18km from Levin.
The fire station has changed immensely since it was built. Training and practices are much longer and precise. The old fire station was built across the road from Sunming (Fish and chip shop).
At the Shannon Fire Station there have been sixty nine incidents since it was first built and there has also been three deaths. The fire brigade has fourteen members and the limit is twenty two. Shane says that they need a lot more to get to the limit. The thing that encouraged Shane to join the brigade was that his father in law had worked in the brigade for forty one years and he wanted to catch up to his father-in-law, but Shane has only been working there for eighteen years. He has twenty two more years if he wants to catch up.

In 1928 the old fire station did not have as many things as we have now. The fire trucks we have now are much bigger then the old ones. They went from old v8s, to land rovers, to the big ones we have now. Inside the fire station there is a wooden replica of the old fire station, also there were no red fire extinguishers, there were only blue fire extinguishers and the blue fire extinguishers were bigger than the red ones.

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Shane Metcalfe (Fire Fighter)

Team effort by Sam (Year 7) and Tony (Year 6).

Shannon Fire Station

1928 The old fire station was a hut from Mangahao Dam brought down by volunteers and created opposite the Albion Tavern (T.A.B) on the 30th of January.

1930 It was not until July 28th that the hand reel went out of service, and negotiations were completed with the Fielding Fire Board for the purchase of a “T” Model Ford Fire Engine, the cost being thirty five pounds.

1931 Twenty pounds were paid as a deposit and the remaining payments were completed in December.

Since 1941 the brigade has paraded on Anzac Day in memory of an ex Fireman Graham Seaton who died of war wounds.

1947 On June the 5th, the members of the brigade took delivery of the new Ford V8 engine. However the engine was too large to be accommodated in the station, so the railways department was approached for permission to extend the building onto their property.

1970 In the early hours of new years morning, the old fire station was burnt down beyond repair, and the cause of the fire was never found.

2011 Nathan Guy M.P Minister of Internal Affairs opened the Shannon Fire Station on 25th of June.

2013 Chief: Wayne Hurunui Deputy Chief: Joanne Smith
The fireman used to use a tool called a ‘branch’ it was attached to the hose and used for a water cannon, it was used on a horse and cart for when they went on long trips.

The Shannon Fire Station has been around for thirty eight years, the back half was built on after 37 years to fit in the fire truck and so there is more room for every one. One half has been there 37 years and the other half has recently been added on to in the last twelve months.

There are five regions around New Zealand to control the fire stations throughout New Zealand. We are region three and controlled by Wellington and when we call up one, one, one, it will go through to Wellington and they will send out a brigade for wherever you are.

The first fire fighting equipment to be purchased was a hose-reel from the Palmerston North Fire board at the cost of seven pounds, that's fourteen dollars in our days, and normally that would be more expensive than it is now. The Brigade was donated a section by Mr E. Chester senior in Plimmer Terrace as a site for a new station (where the T.A.B now stands). With support of the local Carrying Companies the section was filled and leveled ready to build on. However, the roads proved it was unsuitable and so they moved it to a more suitable site in Vogel Street where it is currently.

Interview: Wayne Hurunui
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Information on the table at the Fire Station

Team effort by Ashleigh (Year 8) and Gabriel (Year 7).