Research process

At Shannon School we use an inquiry process to support our learning journey.

Our concept for investigation was: Building and Sustaining a Healthy Community.

We wanted to find out what it meant to belong to our community in years gone by, what it means to belong to our community today and what are the possibilities for our community in the future?

Our key question was: How has the past shaped the present and what are the future possibilities?

Our Inquiry process

There are six stages in our cyclic inquiry process: preliminary knowledge, key/essential question, subsidiary questions, advocacy, discovery process plan, research process, synthesis of ideas, share new understanding and action.

During this inquiry we were able to choose a partner to work with. We found some information on the Internet and from selected books however much of our information was collected by living recounts from many of our local community elders.

We had a local newspaper journalist share their expertise on the skills needed to carryout a successful interview.

We invited all of those that had participated in our inquiry to a powhiri and morning tea where we were able to share our new learning. It was also an opportune time to ensure that the information we had collected was accurate.