Renown Movie Cinema

Hi this is Mrs Hyde but some people call me Nana Hyde. My husband and I own the Renown Theatre.

When this theatre opened the same movie would play on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then the movie would change on Wednesday and Thursday. Before the movie began 'God save the Queen' would be played. This would be followed by the news and cartoons. At half time everyone would go and buy some food. You could buy an ice-cream, a bag of potato chips and a bag of lollies for just threepence. Everyone would then go back and watch the rest of the movie.
Most movies were played in black and white. However, once in a blue moon there would be a colour movie.
Later on in history the theatre was sold and converted into the local coal and wood shop.

Sadly in 1973 it burnt down and the Shannon Fire Brigade helped to put the fire out.

When we interviewed Gran (Eleanor Harper) we found out that Gran’s brother helped to put the fire out, and Gran’s son was also asked to help as well. Gran mentioned that on one other occasion when she was at the cinema Mr Hyde, the owner of the cinema, came in during the movie to tell her that her house had burnt down.

The old movie theatre is gone but now our bright public toilets stand on the same piece of land where the cinema once stood.

Liam and Elijah would like to thank the many people that have shared their information about our Shannon with us.

Information: From Bush and Swamp By Mrs Marjorie Law
Interviewees: Gran Harper and Mrs Law

Team effort by Elijah (Year 8) and Liam (Year 8).