Vogel Street

Vogel Street was named after Sir Julius Vogel who was born in 1835 and died at the age of sixty-four in 1899. At the time George Vance Shannon (who Shannon is named after) was naming streets after his children and some famous people in that era and it just so happened that Sir Julius Vogel was the Prime Minister of New Zealand back then. Sir Julius Vogel was the 8th Premier (Prime Minister) of New Zealand for three years in 1873-1875 and again for six years in 1876-1881. In 1856 the St Joseph’s Church was built and later a school for Catholic children.
52 Vogel Street was built in 1895, that makes the house 118 years old. It is the oldest house we know of on Vogel Street. Some buildings have been built on Vogel Street, for example, the Fire Station was built on Vogel Street and Shields Motors.

Kate went and interviewed Debbie Edlin.
Debbie has lived in Shannon since 1985. One of the changes she told Kate was that there was a party line so when you picked up your phone you could hear other people's conversations. There were only three numbers on your telephone number. Three houses have burnt down on Vogel Street that she knows of. The footbridge at the South end of Vogel Street was built across Otaura Stream. Debbie’s favourite change is the skate park because it is a great place for kids to go.

Kate interviewed Mavis Vinsen.
Mavis moved here in 1951. The Pavilion has been there since 1990. The Pavilion was named after Mavis Vinsen because when the tennis courts on Vance Street were beyond repair a few tennis players (including Mavis Vinsen) decided to fund raise for new courts which are now on Vogel Street. Mavis Vinsen said that she is very happy that the tennis courts on Vogel Street are named after her.

So today my friend and I know that we made two new friends over this inquiry and this is how we are going to start making a healthy community.

Interviewees: Mavis Vinsen and Debbie Edlin

Internet: River And Rail -the story of Shannon Kete Horowhenua, Sir Julius Vogel, ca 1870s
Photographer: John Morris 
Reference Number: PAColl-0439-1
Original print
Photographic Archive Alexander Turnbull Library

Team effort by Kate (Year 5) and Michael (Year 8).