Bellevue School

Newlands Volunteer Fire Service

Research Process

Our Research Process went like this...

  1. Ms.Campbell told us what our topic was.
  2. We planned what our questions were.
  3. We all visited the "Living Heritage" website to have a look at other projects.
  4. We researched Fire Service websites and took notes.
  5. We contacted Tony Swain, asking him if we could visit the fire service on Thursday. He said "Yes".
  6. We visited the Newlands Volunteer Fire Service.
  7. We wrote some notes while we were listening to Mr Tony Swain and we took lots of photos.
  8. We typed the notes on the "Living Heritage" website with proper sentences.

Some comments from the group:

I liked thinking questions by myself because it makes me think lots.( Denise )

I liked visiting the Fire Station because it gave me some research information. It also gave me some experience at the Fire Station. ( Alyssa )

By Denise and Alyssa

Fire Alarm.