Motueka South School

50 Years of Learning


What is MASSIVE?

It stands for Motueka Arts Show from Schools Incorporating a Variety of Entertainment

MASSIVE is a show that involves dance and is performed by children from most of the schools in our district. It is very similar to a stage challenge except it is non-competitive.

Describe Mot South's performance.

A very lively performance called "Our Place Motueka South". We included very well-known places in our areas, such as Toad Hall, the Wharf, the drags and airport, Rec Centre and Our School Motueka South!

Talley's Workers.

These are our Talley's workers who appeared in the Wharf Scene.

Interviews with MASSIVE performers

Skyla S

Q: What was your favourite scene in Mot South's performance?

A: The finale.

Q: How did you feel when you had completed your first show?

A: I wanted to do it again.

Q: Would you like to perform in another MASSIVE show? Why?

A: Yes because it was an incredible experience!!!

Lucy F

Q: What did you enjoy about performing in MASSIVE?

A: Dancing.

Q: What was your favourite performance out of ALL the schools?

A: St Peters.

Q: How often did you practise for this excellent show?

A: Every day!

Sophie H

Q: What did you enjoy about performing in MASSIVE?

A: Watching and creating a performance for people to enjoy watching.

Q: What do you think the group could improve on for another stage performance?

A: Probably just polishing things up a bit more and maybe more smiling.

Q: How did you feel after the last show was finished?

A: Very energetic and happy when I heard the crowd give a major clap!!!

We really enjoyed our experience and can't wait to participate in a similar event in the future!!!