Motueka South School

50 Years of Learning

Room 8’s research process

Step 1: Plan

First in our groups we discussed what prior knowledge any of us had in regards to our topic. Then we decided on the best way to approach our research.

Step 2: Explore

Throughout this step, as a group we looked through books from the National and local Tasman libraries. We also spent time surfing the internet. Also during this time Annie shared with us her family video, taken in the 60's.

Step 3: Choose

For step three we had to decide what information to put on our final presentation board.

Step 4: Create

This was the fun part, painting our presentation boards, then pasting information and pictures to show full representation of all our hard work.

Step 5: Share

In front of the class we were given the opportunity to share our research.

Step 6: Review

We looked back on our group participation and reflected on how well we did our work.