Motueka South School

50 Years of Learning

Our Project

So after all of that hard work you are probably wondering



We found out that if you had a TV you would be really cool, because not many people had them.

We learnt that the first leak free ball point pen was invented.

The Russians launched the first ever satellite called SPUTNIK!


The 60`s was the really cool hippie age that was all about peace, love, happiness and harmony.

The big awesome music 'thing' in the 60`s was Woodstock.

The TV was more popular so there were more TV programs than there were in the 50`s.

The music scene dramatically changed, mostly due to drugs.


The 70`s had some really random slang eg; the rabbit died, boo-yah and keen.

Disco began in the 70`s.

Afro`s were awesome.


Jerry Rice was a very famous NFL football player.



It became fashionable to buy op-shop clothes.

The 90`s had some awesome music like Nirvana, Metallica, Pearl Jam and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

School was still very different.


Some of the fave bands were Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy and loads of others.

Helen Clark rules NZL.

Our class' favourite sport is netball.


Oil will run out in the future.

We think schools will be run by computers.

We might have brain chips to make us smarter.

We might be able to catch flying cars to school.

Choice Aye!!!