Motueka South School

50 Years of Learning

Room 9 Findings

What did each group find out?

These are some of the facts we discovered:


Have a look at Skyla and Sophie's PowerPoint presentation which you can find on the sidebar.


In February 1997 scientists cloned dolly the sheep. She was the first farm animal to ever be cloned. The scientists cloned her at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The wrecking of the Wahine is by far the best-known maritime disaster in New Zealand history. Of the 610 passengers and 123 crew on board, 52 people lost their lives.

Mother Teresa was a very famous humanitarian. For over forty years, she looked after sick and dying people who were very poor in the slums of Calcutta in India. When she died on 5/9/97 she was given the title Blessed Teresa of Calcutta by the Pope.

Carless days started in July 1979. Everyone had a sticker on their car which said the day they weren't allowed to drive it. Not many people were two car families back then so it was an inconvenience.


Back then most women looked boylike because of their short hair. Women's hair got cut short because men grew their hair long. If you wore a short dress with flat boots you would look very popular. A popular fashion in the 60's was trouser suits. Fashion changed depending on what musicians and movie stars were wearing. In each decade there were different styles.


Cellphones used to be big important boxes. Now they are only about 10cm long. Telephones were annoying because everytime you wanted to ring someone you had to call an operator to put you through. However, it was also good because you only had to remember the operator's number.

People used to write a lot more letters because there was no email, faxing or texting. Writing letters was the cheapest way to communicate with friends and family who lived in other parts of NZ or overseas. Toll calls were very expensive to make.


Blondie was well known for her good music as it was a wide range, from punk to pop and rock to romance. Bob Marley was a famous Jamaican music artist. Tourists came to Rotorua so they could see the amazing circus. The circus only came once a year. They were allowed to have way more animals performing in the circus.

Going to the movies was a popular pastime. Some popular movies were: Annie; The Sound of Music; Titanic; Jaws; and Star Wars. Movie theatres were much bigger back then and there would only be one movie being shown at a time.

Children spent a lot of time playing games outside with their family, friends and neighbours.

Christmas was a big event and women worked hard for weeks before to prepare for this day. Lots of people went away on holiday on Boxing Day, usually to a beach like Tahuna or Kaiteriteri. Nelson was a very popular place for people from Christchurch and Dunedin to visit and many families came back year after year.

Famous All Blacks in the 1990s were: John Kirwan; Grant Fox; Zinzan Brooke; Jonah Lomu; and Sean Fitzpatrick.


Families have changed quite a lot. Back in the 60s most families were made up of mum, dad and the kids. These days there are many solo parent families and blended families.

Most mums used to stay at home but nowadays a lot of mums work. Life has got much busier for children and adults. Lots of families spent their weekends together at the beach or the river, having picnics and playing games. Cricket in the backyard was very popular.

Creating and Sharing

Some groups created PowerPoint presentations and shared these with the class during our sharing session. Some groups presented their findings on posters.


We used a rubric to self-evaluate ourselves. The categories we used for our evaluations were:

  • teamwork, contribution and effort
  • focus on task and time management
  • attitude
  • factual information gathered
  • summarising and organising our information
  • visual presentation
  • oral group presentation