Motueka South School

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Room 10 Research Process

Plan Explore Choose Create Share Review!

These are the steps that Room 10 chose to follow for our inquiry project:


First we had to decide what two decades each group was going to do. Our teacher came up with a cool way to decide this. We were all given 700 fake dollars for a bidding war on the decades. Once we had two decades per group we started to EXPLORE the topic.


Next each group had to get together to research the topic and choose the subjects on both their decades. Each group worked very hard to find the information. When they got all the information they needed they had to CHOOSE the work they wanted to use.


This basically meant CHOOSE the information that you wanted on your absolutely amazing CREATION and then get ready to CREATE.


We soon got to the stage of creating our posters on black card. We got to present it in any way we wanted to. It was quite interesting to see everyone's presentations coming to life. Once everyone had finished, each group had to come up with a way to SHARE their work.


We then had to come up with a creative way to SHARE our work with the whole class. It was very cool to see what the other groups had come up with. To make the SHARING process more interesting, we added a bit of drama to spice it up a little. We had to come up with 5 questions per decade to get hot seated on. That was very funny.


For the last step of our INQUIRY project we had to REVIEW what we had done. We had to look over our work and say something that we did really well and something we could improve on. Everyone was really honest which was really cool.