Motueka South School

50 Years of Learning

Our Teams

Room 8 teams:

Haylee, Kate, Jake, Joel - family life

Hannah, Couper, Brad, Taine - political and social happenings

Scarlett, Luke, Michael - school life

Sophie, Toni, Louisa, Gabby - entertainment

Kia Maia, Jakasha, Cayden, Natasha - fashion

Reuben, Zara, Sean, Chelsea - music

Room 9 teams:

Lucy, Jess, Harley and Flynn - Entertainment and Sport

Sophie, Skyla, Nathan and Elias - School life

Janaya, Caitlin, Josh and Indii - Memorable Events in history and sport

Jessica, Roxy, William and Vincent - Fashion

Keana, Christina, Zane, James and Latu - Family and Holidays

Room 10 teams:

Herepo, Dylan, Renee, Laura- 1950s and 1960s

Mikaela, Leanne, Eden- 1960s and 1950s

Tosh, Jahl, Hemana- 1970s and 1990s

Crystal, Jason, Nik, Djay- 1980s and 2000s

Eva, Cameron, Kris, Perefoti- 1990s and Past and Future

Amber, Clare, Ashley- 2000s and 1980s

Erana, Liam, Jonty, Brendon- Past and Future and 1970s